The Brands


Ultra Flirt

Ultra Flirt is a premium line of junior clothing from Ikeddi. Whether your style is modest and conservative or bold and elegant, girls can find the perfect options with Ultra Flirt. This line will have you feeling comfortable, confident and creative, while also looking stylish everywhere you go.

No Comment

If you are looking for a modern and contemporary look, our No Comment line is perfect for you. This line offers sophisticated and tasteful clothing for juniors, while still introducing a perfect amount of trendy flair.

Miss Understood

The style that a young girl demonstrates in her youth will pave the way for a future of independent decisions. Miss Understood offers tops, dresses, bottoms and junior inspired clothing for tweens and young girls. We work to continually update our Miss Understood line with new additions that are colorful, fun and up to date with trending fashion.


Kristin Nicole

Our Kristin Nicole line is value driven fashion for women’s. You can look beautiful with our contemporary styles, whether you are dressing for dressy or casual affairs. From beautiful blouses and sweaters to the perfect dress or pair of slacks, our Kristin Nicole line is always up to date on the latest looks for you to add to your wardrobe.

With Ikeddi,

you aren’t just buying a pair of leggings or a new top. You’re making a fashion statement