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The clothing that a girl wears is more than just about fashion. Instead, it’s a statement of individualism and creativity. That’s why we work diligently to provide the best options for girls with our Ikeddi clothing.



Established in 1991, we’ve worked for over two-decades to provide girls, young adults and women a brand that they can rely on. We offer a fair price for fast fashion, in order to ensure that our customers can also afford to buy the latest styles. After all, looking great should be something that doesn’t rely on how much money you can spend on your attire.

We produce our clothing both domestically here in the USA and also abroad in South America and Asia. And with headquarters located in Manhattan, we are right in the heart of the garment district in one of the most fashionable cities in the entire world. Combine that with our in-house design staff that are always creating new designs that are on trend, and you can see why Ikeddi is a globally recognized brand in countries across the world.

Our clothing is made for independent, strong and fashionable girls. We offer styles for missy, plus, juniors and girls. Each line is created with the utmost attention for detail and quality.

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